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Yummy Reviews - Del Mar Rendezvous

Chinese hops, New Zealand grapes
Chinese hops, New Zealand grapes
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Dragon Riders...
white flights
white flights  
a pair of celebrations
a pair of celebrations  
Del Mar Rendezvous
1555 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar CA 92014
(858) 755-2669

HWY 101, at the
Del Mar Plaza, street level

   Whosoever descends upon this establishment after gathering up an appetite will dine as does a Khan, a supreme conqueror. Be on the lookout for a couple of potholes en route to the Great Wall, known to the locals as pork appetizers. Aside from that, tonights voyage was Bruce Lee masterful. Bravo!

   Chinese beer set a high benchmark that would be sustained over the course of the evening.

   Readers are always welcome participants alongside future Yummy Diego restaurant critiques. On the evening of reviews, YOU can experience the exact same prefix menu choices that are to be under the microscope, officially. Comment cards are handed out to those in attendance. Cumulative scoring determines final grades. YOU are a Food Critic!

   Group analysis leads to even more trustworthy feedback, a departure from relying on one persons palate. Consensus opinions are less subject to partiality.

   Tonights judges imbibed a number of wine goblets. Blanc first fruits by Giesen Winery of New Zealand bore a sophisticated template. Purposefully pungent, bittersweet notes from the Composer: cadence of grapefruit and sagebrush.

   Sonoma County St. Francis chardonnay was middle-of-the-pack, ho-hum plumeria of little distinction.

   Benziger produced a crowd-pleasing white sauvignon distinct from that of the first SB degusted. This one was razor sharp, zero subtlety. Hammer of dried pear and Mandarin orange.

   Fan favorite Dopff & Irion gewrztraminer drew numerous, hand-written accolades.

   Light, sweet, and refreshing. VERY good.

   Wonderfully sweet and light, PERFECT with this kind of food.

   Not the sort of wine sophistication you presuppose to find at a place serving up cuisine from China.

   Spirits were joyful. Jeff and Rene were celebrating a Birthday. Drew and Leanne were celebrating having just announced their engagement! 

   Because of an enviable location, Rendezvous at Del Mar Plaza is ideal for an intimate occasion as such. As smart a vantage from whence to rekindle the flame as any. Work up an appetite following a romantic walk on the beach. Beckoning waves are two short blocks awayif that.

the hardest working persons in show biz
the hardest working persons in show biz  
AKA Buddhas Delight
AKA Buddhas Delight  
   Executive Chef/Owners Mark and Susie Sun deservedly beam with pride. They meet performance clauses for consistently top-flight execution.

   Under his watchful eye, Buddha shows pleasure with the establishments measure of quality control. So little to disparage, perchance, all hot plates exited well manicured.

   Architecture can enliven the soul, when sampling ethnic foods. You might as well be eating at an American restaurant, judging solely on the interior design at Rendezvous. Aside from the occasional porcelain Peking reminder, steps seemed intentionally avoided to add an element of being transported to another land. WHY

   Academic fried shrimps, custom suited for cocktails, wound up on the tail end of a stellar shellfish chorus line. Simply put, goodness gave way to greatness later on.

casings were coarse, indelicate
casings were coarse, indelicate  
met with approval by the panel of judges
met with approval by the panel of judges  
   Dumplings and sliced tenderloin of pork failed to invigorate, especially the latter. In search of identity, why bother just to serve slabs of swine minus pizzazz Warrants a harrumph, derelict and irresolute. Pshaw!

   Observed Leanne, These appetizers seemed a bit bland and even boring. A few more spices to each might improve the taste.

   Seafood salads reversed nautical course.

   Observed Leanne, Best dish: calamari salad. Very unique tastes together, here. The fried and spicy squid with greens was very intriguing and refreshing.

   Sesame crusted seared tuna sailed upstream. Over a bed of mixed baby greens, the fish featured ingratiating drizzle of horseradish aioli.

   Perfect presentation, voiced Rene. I liked many of the sauces, including this one.

shallow waters
shallow waters  
finger lickin chicken
finger lickin chicken  
   Not unanimously prized, seaweed tofu egg flower soup received a stay of execution. Personally I applaud Chef Suns progressive spin on consomm, but criticism weighed most over his decision to deliver a far-too watery base. Misunderstood perhaps, narrowly avoiding a drubbing.

   Offered Drew, In Japanese miso, there is more of a vinegary flavor in the broth, more salty. Maybe they can add, like somebody mentioned, more soy sauce to the stock. Id enjoy that.

   Table attendants need to talk up the menu moremore interaction with customers about menu decisions, recipes, background origins of food, etc., suggested Jeff. The Chef would have Foodies eating out of his hand, proverbially, by providing guests a fuller understanding of his creative spins.

   Cashew chicken in plum sauce needed no intro. Straightforward and juicy as you could ask for, received with open arms.

excellent shrimps, all around
excellent shrimps, all around  
textbook preparation
textbook preparation  
   Walnut shrimps, honorable mention. It displayed old-school charm, classic preparation. Use of finest shrimps available is the general rule-of-thumb at Rendezvous. I have enjoyed many a fresh catch of fish here, as well.

   Prior to coming down for a business trip from Orange County, Casey Dunlap corresponded with Yummy Diego and asked, Where, locally, would you recommend our Dunlap Family clients, with a hankering for seafood, be taken for dinner Casey, Chef Sun was born with flippers for feet! Consult the entire menu by clicking this link: www.delmarrendezvous.com

   Singapore Chow Mai Fun Vermicelli scored wellassembly of BBQ pork and shrimps, bean sprouts, segments of scallions and thinly sliced bell peppers. Matted into a head of fine angel hair.

   Spices are great on the vermicelli dish, approved Rene.

BEST DISHES Imperial Shrimps and Steak Shangrila
BEST DISHES Imperial Shrimps and Steak Shangrila  
Team Yummy and yummy tea
Team Yummy and yummy tea  
   Imperial Shrimps and Steak Shangrila were the BEST DISHES REVIEWED, atop the summit by a landslide margin.

   Candied crustaceans were AMAZING. Of all the sampled fare, this is the recipe that will keep you coming back again and again. No one in town is cooking up sweet signatures as such, to date. A one-of-a-kind tastethese babies are crunchy, chewy, bouncy, spicy, crispy, and tangy. Addictive pleasure.

   Rib Eye and New York strips were served up in slices that received a soy-style glaze and topped with caramelized grilled onions. Cheers for steer! Moist cutlets in marinade the likes of hickory and beach bonfire kindling. Recipe pedigree of invariable Rhodes scholarship, blemish-free and Lord-of-the-castle, provided you enjoy meat on the sweet.

   Sweethearts Michael and Jeanette contributed to the Team Yummy tally. The frying technique was First Class. It seems we revisited it, following the fried squid. It worked great, both times, BEST with the shrimps for whatever reason. Whatever they coated it with, the calamari had too similar a flavor. I dunno. Maybe one coating could be made more different, Mike suggested.

   Tea service accompanied the dessert course.

coconut sticky rice pudding
coconut sticky rice pudding  
TWO SPOONS UP mango sorbet and mud pie
TWO SPOONS UP mango sorbet and mud pie  
   Coconut cream sticky rice pudding should have bowled us over, but some of the readers became finicky. American taste buds are unaccustomed to eating dessert that bears a feel to oatmeal.

   Mango sorbet and mud pie were unexpected triumphs, TWO SPOONS UP. Combinations of chocolate and tropical fruits were conjoined twins that worked well together! On the same plate, mind you.

   You dont think of mud pie at a Chinese restaurant. So when it came out, so delicious, it was really a big surprise, gushed Jeanette.



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